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We are a home based business specializing in candles made with natural waxes (primarily soy or coconut wax), accessories, personalized and handmade products.

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Meet the owner of Lotus Embers, Janine Hyman.  LE was established in 2018 out of the sheer joy of enjoying beautiful tranquil environments.  An avid lover of candles and creating an environment where I feel peaceful and relaxed; add to that my love of the Lotus flower and it's meaning, Lotus Embers was born.  I would come home light a few candles, kick off my shoes, maybe pour myself a glass of wine (usually on a Thursday) to unwind from the hustle and bustle of navigating the streets of New York City.

One day I decided I want to make my own candles in the  scents (mostly Lavender and Citrus) that I enjoy having in my home. This led to learning, exploring and taking an essential oil class and learning how to blend different scents. Understanding the variety of waxes, jars, wicks etc. and all the mechanics behind creating a beautifully scented candle sealed the deal.  I was also on a journey of health and wellness, which led me to make the conscious decision to  use natural waxes, essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oils in the candles we make. I’ve since have begun to explore other hand made products, through jewelry making classes and creating personalized items, which we’ll be gradually adding to the site…so stay tune and stay on this creative journey with us.